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HSG274 Part 2: The Control of Legionella bacteria in hot and cold water systems

Summary of Key changes to Guidance relating to Hot and Cold Water Systems:

  1. Greater detail has been provided on acceptable operating parameters for smaller water heaters (see 2.10 – 2.15 within HSG274 Part 2).
  2. Design and operational Guidance has now been provided on calorifiers that are attached to Solar Heating systems. (see 2.27 & 2.28).
  3. Advice now covers flexible hoses in buildings with occupants that have an increased susceptibility to infection (see 2.35).
  4. A greater level of detail has now been provided on design guidance covering insulation, balancing of hot water circuit pipework and temperature measurement etc  (see 2.31 – 2.37).
  5. Guidance is now provided on design and maintenance covering Expansion vessels (see 2.38 & 2.39)
  6. Increased detail is provided on ‘Commissioning Procedures’ for a range of system types and sizes (see 2.40 – 2.52).
  7. Water Treatment & Control Programmes – Additional detail is now provided on Biocide treatment regimes and now includes detail on Silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide (see 2.91 – 2.116).
  8. Point of use Legionella filters are now referred to (see 2.117).
  9. New advice is now provided to Landlords covering ‘Responsibilities’ and ‘Control Measures’ (see 2.138 – 2.151).
  10. The document HSG274 Part 3: The control of legionella in other risk systems now covers a greater range of ‘other risk systems’ that may be located within premises and provides guidance on maintenance tasks and frequency of tasks for the systems e.g. Vehicle washes, dental equipment, water features, humidifiers etc

The above summary points are not meant to be a full review of all changes to the guidance but merely outlines the key additions that 3C believe to have the greatest impact on our service and to our clients

Please contact our Technical Department to discuss any issues in greater detail.

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