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Legionella Control London – The Importance of Appointing a Competent ‘Responsible Person’

A Sydenham hospice has been sentenced after a patient died of Legionnaires’ disease and one of their workers suffered life changing effects after contracting legionnaires disease.

Legionella Control –– Risk Assessments – Cover all the Risks!

With one of the latest cases of Legionnaires disease to hit the news (the tragic death of TV Chef Ross Burden - see below) it reminds us that there are many means of transmitting Legionella bacteria, of which some are often overlooked.

Commonwealth Games Gold

 3C have great pleasure in congratulating three commonwealth Games Gold Medalists from Camberley Judo Club

Going on holiday?

Risk of Legionnaires Disease from poorly maintained water systems

Legionnaires Disease – Birthing Pools

Health bosses are warning against using a type of heated birthing pool at home after a baby born in one was infected with Legionnaires' disease.

HSG274 Part 2: The Control of Legionella bacteria in hot and cold water systems

Summary of Key changes to Guidance relating to Hot and Cold Water Systems: Greater detail has bee

Revision of the Approved Code of Practice L8 (ACOP L8)

Health and safety information on managing and controlling legionella bacteria in water systems has been updated and clarified.

Legionella News – Compost Threat

The first substantial research into the presence of Legionella in UK compost has found that the bacteria exist in a significant number of commercial products.

Legionnaires' Disease – A victims account

Delivery driver Allan Bruce, 39, woke up face down on the floor with his smoke-alarm ringing after he lost consciousness while making toast.

Legionnaires' Disease - Renfrew area

A sixth case of Legionnaires' Disease has been identified by health officials in the Renfrew area.


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