Closed Circuits

Closed circuits cover a wide variety of systems ranging from simple domestic heating circuits to industrial/commercial sized heating and chilled water systems. Water system quality needs to be maintained to ensure optimum plant life and system condition.

3C are able to provide a comprehensive range of solutions and services including:

  • Pre commission cleaning and renovation cleaning
  • Pre treatment plant: de-mineralisation and reverse osmosis plant
  • Dosing equipment including dosing pots and pumps
  • Side stream filtration units: bag filtration / centrifugal separators
  • Chemical inhibitors – corrosion control agents including specific products for protection of aluminium, scale and sludge control agents & biocides including specific products for the control of pseudonomas.

Service visits by qualified engineers are provided to analyse and report on system water quality, the frequency of which can be determined by the needs of the system being treated and customer requirements.