Steam Boiler Treatment

Water treatment is critical in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of steam plant.

Control of corrosion and prevention of scaling are key factors in ensuring effective boiler maintenance. This is achieved by the implementation of a comprehensive water treatment programme.Following a full site survey 3C are able to provide a fully comprehensive water treatment programme in accordance with BS2486; 1997 (Recommendations for Treatment of water for Steam Boilers & Water Heaters). This may include all of, or a selection of the following services:

  • Supply of chemicals – oxygen scavengers, scale inhibitors, sludge dispersants, anti foaming agents & condensate corrosion control additives.
  • Supply and service of pre treatment plant – de-mineralisation, water softeners, and reverse osmosis plant.
  • The provision and maintenance of Plant and Equipment – Automatic blowdown control, dosing pumps and controllers, and on site test kits.

The above services are complemented by our service support team, which includes the provision of site service visits to analyse and report on system water quality, the frequency of which can be determined by the needs of the system being treated and customer requirements.