LP Control / Bespoke Contract Management Software

3C follow a logical sequence when managing Client relationships, from the outset agreeing reporting procedures and contract content as well as KPIs where applicable.

We provide a detailed ongoing history of each contract to ensure that each party is aware of what is expected of them from the contract development stage through to contract performance, ensuring that ambiguity of responsibility is removed from what can be quite complex contract management agreements.

Our ‘LPControl’ Legionella Control Management software has been devised in conjunction with external developers to provide an incredibly flexible contract management tool which offers market leading design and functionality, enabling the efficient management of Legionella Control Contracts especially when utilised for multi-site portfolios.

Once reporting procedures and contract parameters have been established, the frequency and type of tasks can be automatically generated. This provides efficient programming of multiple site visits and helps guarantee all site visits are undertaken within the pre-agreed time frames, enabling 3C  KPIs to be consistently surpassed.

Site visit report information is captured utilising hand held devices and remotely uploaded to our server.  Site Visit Reports are checked by contract management and then made available to view and download from our website once Client Login details have been provided.

The client ‘Login’ interface has been designed to offer quick and clear access to all site records creating a satisfying user experience.

Non-Compliances are automatically generated where specific parameters are not met and a ‘live’ Non-compliance document can be provided to manage all outstanding issues.

The technology is particularly useful where multiple sites are managed.  Management reports can be produced and exported covering all sites, in multiple formats, reporting on a wide range of parameters, resulting in the system being utilised to plan and manage corrective works programmes across large portfolios.  Works can then be sorted or prioritised based on a broad range of criteria such as risk ratings of works, costs, or type of works etc. 

As corrective remedial works are undertaken so Legionella Risk Assessments, Non-Compliances and site records can be updated removing the requirement for the client to update records manually and ensuring that compliance is achieved with the minimum use of client management and administration resources.  

Contact 3C to arrange a demonstration of the system.