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Boiler Cleaning and Descaling

3C are able to provide a comprehensive package of descaling options both on and offline to restore plant to optimum efficiency. All our technicians are "confined space" trained and have experience of permit to work systems.

Off - Line descaling
Circulation of acid solutions through an item of plant provides the optimum means of removing scale from heat exchange surfaces. The acid used being dependant upon the materials of the system components. Circulation is achieved using temporary connections, break tank and dedicated acid pump. During the descaling process pH levels are monitored and additional acid introduced as required. On completion of works the circulated solution is neutralised and the system flushed with fresh water.

On – Line descaling
Where the above process is deemed inappropriate as a method of removing scale deposits from heating and cooling systems, less aggressive chemicals can be introduced. The system can be operated under normal conditions whilst close monitoring of water conditions are undertaken. Once the cleaning process is completed the system can be replenished with fresh water and chemical additives introduced to maintain water quality.

Fireside cleaning of water tube and shell boilers.
Manual, mechanical and high pressure water jetting techniques are all used in the removal of deposits from boiler tubes and spaces.

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