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Managed Services

We provide a range of managed services designed to allow you to stay in control without having to dedicate large amounts of time and resources ensuring that your water and air is clean and safe.

Regular updates, management reports and reviews are an integral part of the service to ensure you are kept fully informed.

Legionella Control
The ‘Approved Code of Practice and Guidance - L8’ outlines criteria for persons undertaking assessments of risks posed by the Legionella bacteria within water systems. It states that all those involved in “...assessing risk and applying precautions are competent, trained, and aware of their responsibilities”.

Utilising the knowledge and experience provided by 3C will enable you to ensure that your water services are managed in accordance with legal guidance.

3C are able to offer ‘the complete managed service’ from providing suitably qualified staff to undertake the initial site risk assessment to creating and undertaking an ongoing monitoring and maintenance regime. Corrective remedial measures to the water system can also be undertaken by our skilled labour all in accordance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.

Water Treatment
Service visits by qualified engineers are provided to analyse and report on system water quality, the frequency of which can be determined by the needs of the system being treated and customer requirements.

Air Hygiene
3C offer an effective management and monitoring service to ensure compliance with current legislation and guidance.

3C’s innovative approach involves an initial assessment of the air supply system to enable an informed decision to be made about the Health & Safety risks associated with each air system on site. Any preventative measure required to minimise health risks are then documented in a comprehensive report.

To ensure routine compliance with latest HSE guidance, a Building Air Quality Action Plan would then be implemented to ensure that a safe and healthy internal environment is maintained. 

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