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Disinfection of Water Systems

3C undertake disinfection works on a daily basis, ranging from
mains injection of short runs of new mains pipework using brake
tanks and pumps to contracts covering multiple sites with multiple

Other plant and systems such as cooling towers, humidification plant and water features are also treated.

Below is an example of works detailing a more unusual scenario:

We were requested to clean and disinfect a large deep tank within a scientific establishment designed to test sonar equipment. The tanks had been lined with a complex wooden structure to provide the correct acoustic conditions for the particular testing performed within the tank.

With an array of sensitive equipment in the location of the tank, scaffold and sheeting was erected to contain any overspray from the cleaning procedure.

Each day without the tank had serious cost implications to the business. For this reason the cleaning works commenced on a Friday evening and was carried out over a weekend.

Working through the night with multiple teams the tank was drained and pressure washing equipment utilized to clean all internal surfaces of the tank. Safety equipment including harnesses and hoists were used ensuring risks were minimized to employees undertaking the works. All sludge and debris was removed from the tank using a settlement tank to drop out all debris prior to disposal of waste water.

On completion of the cleaning and disinfection works a tanker brought in clean mains water and was used to accelerate the refilling of the tank as the low flow rate of the tank make up would have led to expensive delays in reinstatement of the tanks. The tanks were refilled and reinstated, testing procedures resumed on the Monday morning.

Customer Comment:

‘Just wanted to say thank you to you and all of your staff involved with the tank clean over the weekend. I’ve had numerous comments on how smoothly it went and how professional you all were, from planning to completion. This has led to us having minimum “tank down time” during an exceptionally busy period. Thanks again, I hope we can have many trouble free years working together’

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